3rd annual Craig McElrath Memorial Surfing contest

Published on: January 26, 2013

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The Craig McElrath Memorial Surfing competition at the Namotu Island Resort was a great success for competitors and spectators alike with sunny weather and ideal glassy surfing condition.  Consistent waves with good shape allowed the competitors to show their talents.

Held at the Namotu Lefts, the Longboard Division had 20 participants and as many spectators.  Cuvu competitor Aca Ravulo won a narrow victory over Scotty O’Connor, owner of the Namotu Island Resort.  Paul  Chongsu of Kulukulu and Ulai Niutonga  of Nambila took 3rd and 4th respectively.

The Open Junior Shortboard event was dominated by the Doig family taking the first three places.  Reef Doig is a professional surfer within the Indonesian circuit and showed his winning standard, capturing 1st place.  His sister Asia and brother Hunter took 2nd and 3rd respectively.  Mark Wakeham of Pacific Harbour took 4th place.


Longboard Division

Placing Competitor Origin
1 Aca Ravulo Cuvu Village
2 Scotty O’Connor Namotu Island Resort
3 Paul Chongsu Kulukulu Village
4 Ulai Niunitoga Nambila Village

Shortboard Division

Placing Competitor Origin
1 Reef Doig Namotu Is. Resort
2 Asia Doig
3 Hunter Doig
4 Mark Wakeham Pacific Harbour

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