Day three 2012 Volcom Fiji pro

Published on: June 5, 2012

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Glassy conditions and 4′ waves at Cloudbreak on the first lay day of the Volcom Fiji Pro. Warm Fijian weather, against a backdrop of blue skies and crystal clear water allowed the die hards and lady SUP’ers the odd one foot occasional wave at Restaurants.

By midday even as the winds turned to 4 knots onshore’s the waves were still rippable at Cloudbreak and an all star cast of pro’s, tourists and locals numbering around thirty five took advantage of every rideable wave that loped across the now drying reef. Awards for fastest speeding pro on a surfboard going to Jeremy Florence and Gabriel Medina, Medina also somehow finding the biggest barrel of the afternoon, probably because he was catching most waves in this session!

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