Isei Tokovou stars in international surfing film

Published on: February 25, 2013

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Waverider, the film, is about Isei and his hopes and dreams of winning. But Isei’s story is set to continue long after the Volcom
Fiji Pro of 2012 is assigned to the archives. Isei has ambitions of developing the Fijian surf association so that locals can get better training and better equipment so that they too can compete on the world tour level.

“It will always be tough without regular competition,” he says about what it means for a local to surf against the international greats. “These guys are professionals and travel the world, not only to compete but to train on the best waves because they are sponsored.”

Isei’s determined to see surfing become the islands’ sport. So he’s coaching the local kids. “Things need to change if we are to move forward and be competitive against the world’s best,” he says. He puts his own money, time and meagre resources into building Fiji’s next generation of world-class surfers.

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