Is Cloudbreak the best wave in the world?

Published on: June 8, 2012

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“That was the best wave I have ever seen in my life.” Dave Wassel said this to me as I transported him from his boat to the top of the line and an single unridden 20 foot bomb reeled down the reef, un-tammed by the 20-25 big wave maniacs out at cloudbreak.

People were comparing this session all day to the waves in july last year, and honestly it wasnt quite as big as July but the surfing was undeniably more polished. Guys were making the craziest sections! Top performers I would have to say, Ian Walsh, Ramon Navaro, Reef Mcintosh, Dave Wassel, John Florence, Mark Healy and honorable mention and then some for everyone else! It was a day to remember with the Volcom Webcast streaming the madness world wide live!

The Contest director made a good call in end competition for the day after finishing the two heats left in Round 2 as the surf continued to pulse and grow larger and larger with each coming set. Big props to the 4 CT surfers who battled it ou ton small equipment and in tricky wind conditions. Tomorrow organizers are hoping for favorable winds to meet up with a more than large enough swell at restaurants. Cant wait for tomorrow! 7am call!

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