Matthew Chong Sue memorial expression session

Published on: August 10, 2013

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10th of August, Sigatoka River Mouth with an out running tide, 20kt off shore wind an little bumpy but rippable 2ft swell sore over 30 surfers in four categories juniors, girls, opens, and SUP hit the waves for the annual Matthew Chong Sue Memorial surf comp sponsored by New Zealand company BlackSands Fiji division, the Fiji Beach House and supported by the Fiji Surfing Association.

There were plenty of emotions flowing in the village of Kulu Kulu, the closest village to Sigatoka river mouth and the waves where Opens competition winner Paul Chong Sue grew up surfing.

Paul was joined by three New Zealand competitors in the final who had all made the long trip over to compete. The New Zealand boys gave Paul a run for his money with two of the guys Jason Zimmerman (JZ) and Jamie Andrews (Chip) competing for the NZ national rep. surfing team but Paul showed his local knowledge and came out on top.
The Stand Up Paddle board category was also highly competed. With the local guys from the Beach House turning up in droves. They all put on an awesome show and showed the crowed on the beach just what can be done on a SUP and where the sport of Stand Up Paddle boarding is going. Unfortunately NZ surfers, Jamie Andrews (Chip) showed his style an came out on top.

The Fiji Surfing Association would like to say a huge thankyou to Justin and the crew from New Zealand for organizing the event and The Fiji Beach House for their help with coving the cost that come with running such an event.

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