Fiji represents the ideal destination for Stand Up Paddling, with its expanse of warm and beautiful ocean, protected waters and waves, providing something for absolutely everyone and fun for all the family.

From recreation for the kids, to flat water cruising on lakes, rivers and oceans to great surf or long distance paddling or even for those who are looking for more high performance elements, Fiji has it all and in abundance. Stand Up Paddling is a relatively cheap, water sport which is extremely important for a country like Fiji where the average consumer is very sensitive to price point.

It is the ultimate cross over sport as it appeals to a wide demography of people which is particularly important for a country like Fiji where here is not a huge surfing community but nevertheless is a country which is passionate about sports.

This cross over appeal means it will attract people whether they are coming from a surfing or paddling background or even those without any prior water sport background. Why? simply because of its relative easy usage and ‘zero’ learning curve allowing even the most unbalanced person to just get on a board and start paddling from the very first try.

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