5th Pete expression session, Beachouse Reef

Published on: August 24, 2012

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Mathew ChongSue Memorial Surf Expression Session from Steven Lyon on Vimeo.

Held at Beachouse Reef on the Coral Coast, Sunday the 12th Aug.  Conditions were small but clean!  The only rule was to EXPRESS and with prizes for such things as Best Barrel, Gnarliest Floater and best reef tattoo, it was definately a fun day had by all!

The set up was two 8-person, 45 minute heats of expression surfing.  This was filmed from the viewing boat kindly supplied by Beachouse and from this edited footage the competitors and spectators voted the prize winners in each of the 8 categories.  After the prize giving was a huge after party!

The 8 prize categories were: Best Barrel, Gnarliest Floater, Air time, Best Reef Tattoo, Total Flounder, Most Expressive Surfer, Danger Guy and Best overall Wave.

Thankyou once again to Beachouse, Fiji Surf Association, BlackSand and all involved in this special memorial occasion!

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