Final trials held for local wild card

Published on: May 30, 2012

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Nearly half a million US dollars will be distributed to the worlds best surfers in the up coming Volcom Fiji Pro starting this weekend and we have added one of our favorite Fiji sons to that group! The top four men competed in this years final trials event today in perfect 6-8 foot Cloudbreak. An all-star cast of Freesurfers namely, Kelly Slater, Mick Fanning and the Gudaukas brothers gave priority to the locals in White and Red singlets as the Fiji Surfing association ran three consecutive 30 minute heats.

The first heat saw competitors Paul Chong Sue and Aca Ravulo battle down to the final 2 minutes however Aca was able to squeeze into a clean high line barrel to take the win.

The second heat saw skilled back side barrel riding by Isei Tokovou and power carves by goofy footer Inia Nakalevu. Isei proved too much for Inia as Tokovou claimed the top two waves of the day finishing the heat with a near perfect score of 19.8! Those watching witnessed our local boys exchange waves with Kelly Slater and proved that they have more than it takes to win heats. The final heat saw Isei Tokovou and Aca Ravulo battle it out in growing conditions as close out sets broke along the outside reef pushing the two far to the inside. Jet ski assists helped get the competitors back to the top of the line up with little time lost and both surfers caught several jaw dropping waves. With only 5 minutes remaining, the point differential was only 1.5 points between the two of them. When time expired, it was Isei Tokovou who took the win. For those watching, it truly was a remarkable 3 heats of surfing that will go down as the best performance by our boys in competition ever.

The official Fijian wild card winner will be announced later today.

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