Suzuki announces major partnership with Fiji Surfing

Published on: April 24, 2017

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The Fiji Surfing Association will now have the opportunity to reach out to communities around the country to teach and grow the sport of surfing.

Niranjans Autoport Limited has given Fiji Surfing a Suzuki fully loaded car including roofracks so they are better able to travel to villages and beaches without sealed roads. The car is fully maintained and is on a 24-month contract.

At last weeks press conference to announce the sponsorship Fiji Surfing Association National Head Coach Ian Portingale said they were grateful for the support of Niranjans, as previously they had to spend a lot on hiring vehicles. “We didn’t have anything to begin with, we hired cars, taxis and even buses and whilst it is a great way to get around, unfortunately not all the buses and taxis are willing to go the places we want them to go”.

“Hiring cars becomes very expensive, especially those cars of this standard that are suited for rough terrain. Having this vehicle has just made everything easier for us and we can travel with ease and comfort to the places we want to go to. The SX4 is a great car, carries a decent payload, and it goes very well off-road, some of the roads and tracks that we go on to get to the local beach or the village are a bit difficult.”

Meanwhile, Niranjans Limited Logistics & National Sales and Marketing Manager Devend Ram said they were happy to support a growing sport like surfing as it fell within the Suzuki marketing strategy, “Suzuki’s philosophy is excitement, youth and anything to do with sport and I think surfing best represents this philosophy,” Ram said. “We hope this vehicle will move plans along in regards to outreach programmes in the communities around Fiji and that everyone will get an opportunity to try out surfing.”

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